Made with Magic
Working with natureWe believe food is information that nourishes us at a cellular and energetic level. We resort to nature as our medicine and replenishing source for love and wisdom. We do not manipulate ingredients in our kitchen — we listen to them, and let them guide us into an alchemical journey of transforming raw matter into beauty, vibrancy, and delight. #EATMOREBEAUTY 
Real Ingredients
A mindful practice
We bake and cook with one philosophy in mind: to respect life. Our approach to food comes from a mindful practice of respecting the body and what we put inside of it. We understand the importance of caring for the body and its potential. The body is our home; only beauty must enter it, and so we take pride in sourcing ingredients of the highest quality and integrity. #EATMOREBEAUTY 
An art form
Our plant-based cuisine is an art form, and an invitation to everyone and anyone to savor nature’s greatest creative expression: the plant world. #EATMOREBEAUTY
Each one of our desserts has a unique and dedicated recipe created for its own delightful purpose. We use naturally gluten-free and GMO-free ingredients. Our digestive process shouldn’t be impaired by the foods we consume. #EATMOREBEAUTY
Feminine Energy
We don’t allow highly-processed products in our kitchen that can risk damaging our reproductive and/or hormonal health. #EATMOREBEAUTY
Our purpose is to instill the fundamental concepts of nourishment and self-love. We want to spread the message that we are love, we are nature, and we are life. We should eat what we are, and we are beauty; hence, the bakery's hashtag #EatMoreBeauty.