• "Love is not from this world, Love created this world."

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Desserts shouldn't hit you with a punch of sugar. I believe that, and according to my ayurveda studies, sweetness is a flavor that symbolizes harmony, nourishment and love. The balance of our exotic desserts is achieved by a  conscious blend of wholesome ingredients, respect in the art of baking, a dash of intuition, and patience.


Welcome to Pamela Wasabi's plant-based and gluten-free bakery founded in 2016. It's the creation of Pamela, mother, author, and active player in Miami's health and conscious community. The bakery specializes in providing artisanal baked goods made with only wholesome, high-quality and  exotic ingredients.

love over fear

I intentionally left labels and numbers off the packaging to drive the customer to make a conscious and intuitive purchase driven by love and not fear. It's my purpose to instill the fundamental concepts of nourishment and self-love. I want to spread the message that we are love, we are nature, and we are life. We should eat what we are, and we are beauty; hence, the bakery's hashtag #EatMoreBeauty. 


A semi-raw cheesecake  with a celestial chunk cookie-layer base, cashew and coconut custard, and house made strawberry jam. 

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my promise

I create nourishing foods made with wholesome ingredients. I want to feed the essence of who you are: You are Beauty. I cook with the greatest expression of nature: miracle foods, not impossible foods. I make beautiful art with food, for you.

Blush Birthday Cake

"The taste was better than any conventional or vegan cake that we have tasted. It was beautiful and our whole team loved it, having seconds and thirds! Vegans and non-vegans, just health conscious this is the way to go."

Daniela G.

Queen of Matcha Cookie

"I love sweet & salty (& matcha) the perfect balance of chocolate- not too much."

Jessica M.

Mother Bean Brownie

"De todos los sweets de Pamela Wasabi, el Mother Bean Brownie es mi favorito. Es un postre que gozo sin culpa por utilizar ingredientes orgánicos y libres de gluten, la calidad se siente en cada mordida. Lo disfruto enormemente con un vaso de leche de almendras."

Paola M.

nourished: the plant-based path to health and happiness

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Almond cake infused with passion fruit, glazed with the same fruit's syrup.  


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5663 NW 35th Ct
Miami, FL 33142

(530) 436-5577

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