Pamela Wasabi

About Pamela Wasabi

Pamela Wasabi is an author, poet, radio host, and an entrepreneur. She’s a mother and a lover of life!

Her background stretches from the whereabouts of the psychology of eating, integrative nutrition, eastern philosophy, to plant-based food artistry.

Wasabi is the founder of a local bakery in Miami bringing the message of Self-Love to the table, proposing a new approach to food with her motto #EatMoreBeauty.

She’s the author of "Nourished, The Plant-based Path to Health and Happiness,” which explores our relationship with food and self. In January 2020 she published “Woman of the Moon” a poetry book filled with wild feminine prose proposing the liberation of the soul from the oppression imposed by the ego-mind. Her latest title “The Wild Woman” expands on women’s food challenges and body image issues. She presents the healing solution through the connection, revival and balance of a woman’s Divine Feminine energy.

It’s her goal to wake the collective feminine and invite us to live our best lives.

My Story

Growing up, I was banned from my mother’s kitchen. I remember terrible days in the kitchen when I tried to follow a recipe book and couldn’t achieve an edible result. I learned to cook and bake out of necessity. I was diagnosed with a thyroid condition when I was 19 years old, however, I never addressed my disease until I got pregnant. When I realized there was a life inside of me I needed to look after, something changed in me. I pursued answers and ways to help my body heal in order to give my daughter a beautiful birth and life. I opted for a holistic path, and in my research, I found key information that revolutionized the way I thought. I came across statements like “to control your health, you have to control your ingredients,” and “to control your ingredients, you have to cook your own food.” These statements had me busy in the kitchen. I went for a wholesome vegan and gluten-free diet. Those were the pillars of my cooking evolution. This is the only way I know to cook; this is how I learned to respect my body, my environment, and my life. This type of relationship with food is what I offer through my creations.