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Pamela Wasabi

Pamela Wasabi is a food artist, entrepreneur, and author. She is the creator of Pamela Wasabi Bakery, a wholesale company that has established itself over the past five years among our community, pioneering in artisanal vegan and gluten-free products. Her company has scaled from servicing local coffee shops to fulfilling large-scale productions for hotels, local chains, and supermarkets.

Wasabi’s background is rooted in her philosophical upbringing and transformation, inspired after experiencing a chronic condition during her pregnancy. She birthed herself anew by resorting to food as medicine, and by making responsible and impactful lifestyle choices. Her experience comes from the studies of the psychology of eating, integrative nutrition, and plant-based artistry. She’s also authored four books, including two poetry books. She speaks of our relationship to food, our bodies, and our masculine and feminine energy.

Her debut book "Nourished, The Plant-based Path to Health and Happiness,” explores our relationship with food and self. In January 2020 she published “Woman of the Moon” a poetry book filled with wild feminine prose proposing the liberation of the soul from the oppression imposed by the ego-mind. In 2021 she published the  “The Wild Woman” a book that explains the relationship between our bodies and our feminine energy. Her latest tile is "White Tiger" a poetry book that takes us on a deep trajectory through the alchemical transformation we face as human beings when confronted by emotional challenges. 

It’s her goal to wake the collective feminine and invite us to live our best lives. 

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