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Pamela Wasabi

Cheesecake: Blackberry & Lavender

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This blackberry cheesecake it's a mouthfeel of sweet vanilla with tart blackberry and a smooth lavender undertone - delicious! The pie is sweetened with our house-made vanilla syrup. 

      Ingredients: lavender heaven cookie crust, cashew, blackberry, coconut milk, vanilla syrup, lemon, pink salt, sunflower lecithin, coconut oil, agar.

      vegan | gluten-free | organic ingredients

      Shipping Details
      • Local delivery is $18 this is a door-to-door service within the Miami-Dade area. For Broward, Palm Beach or the vicinity counties, delivery fee is $25+
      • All ground or air orders are sent out Monday through Wednesday.
      • We ship nationwide. 
      • If your order says "can't ship to address" you might have an item that requires additional care when shipped. Please contact us!
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      Allergen Information

      All our products are:

      • Vegan
      • Gluten-free
      • Organic
      • Soy-free
      • Non-refined


      • We work in a dedicated vegan and gluten-free facility.
      • We do not accept substitutes or modifications to recipes.
      • Corn is present in the products that have powdered sugar as an ingredient of the same.
      • Discount codes are case sensitive.
      • Only one promotion can be used per order.
      Proper Care

      The product should always be covered, protected from air, humidity or light.

      • Room temperature: 4-5 Days

      You can extend shelf-life by storing the desserts at controlled temperatures:

      • Fridge: 2 weeks
      • Freezer: 3 months
        Cheesecake: Blackberry & Lavender
        Cheesecake: Blackberry & Lavender
        Cheesecake: Blackberry & Lavender
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