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Pamela Wasabi

The Wild Woman Book: Nourishing the Feminine Soul (paperback version)

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It took me three years to write The Wild Woman. I find this book precious because it tells some beautiful truths about a woman's relationship with her body. Writing this book helped me understand the dormant issues in me that surfaced as aches of the body; it helped me heal. Still, most importantly, it made me fall in love with my life when I needed it the most. 

This book is a reminder of our innate power as women, of that incredible connection we have with our bodies - how it speaks to us, how it loves us, how it suffers, and how it shows us the secrets of our souls. The Wild Woman deeply touches a woman's heart; it awakens her divine feminine capacity to love, forgive, overcome, connect, create, and liberate.

I hope this book becomes your friend. This book is meant to provide you with loving insights and unconditional strength during your journey of connecting back with your own Wild Woman - your innate, untamed, untouched beauty.

xo Pamela Wasabi


“There is a special invitation in the symptoms of disordered eating, and The Wild Woman inspires the remembrance of why and how to reunite with the body, cherish your divine nature, and ultimately rescuing yourself.”
- Kelly Brogan MD NY Times Bestselling author of 
A Mind of Your Own

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    The Wild Woman Book: Nourishing the Feminine Soul (paperback version)
    The Wild Woman Book: Nourishing the Feminine Soul (paperback version)
    The Wild Woman Book: Nourishing the Feminine Soul (paperback version)
    The Wild Woman Book: Nourishing the Feminine Soul (paperback version)
    All of our products are organic, plant-based and gluten-free.