Woman of the Moon: A compilation of poems aspiring to describe love

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Woman of the Moon is a poetry book that speaks to the heart in the heart’s own language. 

Our minds often try to label earthly occurrences, but only our hearts can make sense of them. That sense is not always the explanation we want to hear but that sense fills our guts with such emotion that its answer transforms the meaning of our existence.  

This book is filled with wild feminist prose proposing the liberation of the soul from the oppression imposed by a society driven by the ego-mind. Pamela’s poetry spills love over the pages; it is a dance between stanzas that describe the need for a radical sense of self-love, a gut-adoration for life, and a deeper look at our collective relationship with the world. 

WOM celebrates life on this planet for the short period of time during which we are fortunate enough to be here. Our bodies might be from this Earth, but our souls are of the Moon.



Reviewed in the United States on April 1, 2020

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