Beauty Buttercup (includes ritual)
Beauty Buttercup (includes ritual)
Beauty Buttercup (includes ritual)
Beauty Buttercup (includes ritual)
Beauty Buttercup (includes ritual)
Beauty Buttercup (includes ritual)

Beauty Buttercup (includes ritual)

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This is our first set of chocolates as part of the Wild Woman Ritual CollectionEach handmade product from this collection is intended to inspire the ritual of nourishment. Each box comes with a meditation exercise. Each exercise guides you on how to awaken that Creative Force within you. The idea is to charge the chocolate with intention by following the exercises and then enjoy it!

Six dark chocolate buttercups filled with delicious plant-based flavors like lavender, chocolate fudge, coconut peppermint, and caramel.  We decorated the chocolate gold leaf.

Each buttercup is paired with a unique exercise to welcome the concepts of Stillness, Letting Go, Kindness, Self-Expression, Radiance, and Liberation.

Vegan | Gluten-Free | Contains Nuts


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Working with Nature

We believe food is information that nourishes us at a cellular and energetic level. We resort to nature as our medicine and replenishing source for love and wisdom. #EATMOREBEAUTY

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Mindful Practice

We bake and cook with one philosophy in mind: to respect life. Our approach to food comes from a mindful practice of respecting the body and what we put inside of it. #EATMOREBEAUTY

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An Art Form

Our plant-based cuisine is an art form, and an invitation to everyone and anyone to savor nature’s greatest creative expression: the plant world. #EATMOREBEAUTY