AMLA KIT (a Woman's Nourishing kit)

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AMLA: The one which nourishes and protects like a mother. 

We brought our beautiful AMLA Kit together as a nourishing gift to give yourself or your loved sacred women (a.k.a. momwifegoddess, or friend). The kit contains:
  • Pamela Wasabi's book, "Nourished: The Plant-based Path to Health and Happiness",
  • Two premium chocolate bars by Pacari Chocolate,
  • Two cookies,
  • "Beutiyfesto" booklet written and composed by the girls behind Baiser Beauty -- a 21-day guide with simple and nourishing tips to help you connect within.
  • Essential Oil

Description of Goodies

Nourished  Pamela Wasabi makes her authorial debut with Nourished, an inspiring book about transformation and what it takes to embark on a life of health and happiness. Instead of instilling a doctrine, Pamela intends to arouse in her readers the desire to find balance, live in harmony with nature, and to understand oneself on a deeper levelNourished comes packed with information, useful tips on how to cook and approach a new lifestyle of plant-based eating, and a small stack of bonus recipes. retail value $16.95

Pacari Esmeraldas 60% Organic Chocolate Bar & Pacari Jasmine Organic Chocolate Bar  Our Regional bars are made with hand selected organic cacao beans from specific regions of Ecuador and Latin America. With each bar you will discover the distinct taste of each terroir. retail value $5.50, $6.20

Celestial Chunk + Lavender Heaven Cookies High quality baked goods, plant-based and naturally gluten free. retail value $4, $4 

Beautyfesto Body Oil 0.5 oz  Made with certified organic ingredients, vegan, cruelty free, artisanal product. This silky decadent organic body oil is made with 7 nourishing flowers that provide spiritual and physical benefits to the mind body and spirit. Nourishes, hydrates and reduces inflammation on the skin. With vitamins, minerals and all natural ingredients that help promote a healthy skin and a perfect balance on your body. retail vale $12
Beautyfesto Pocketbook Written and Illustrated by the Baiser founders. A book created with the purpose of inspiring women, that will take the readers on a twenty one day journey to self love and empowerment. Giving you the tools to manifest beauty all around you and transform your life to walk along a path of love and fulfillment. retail value $20