Nourished: The Plant-Based Path to Health & Happiness
Nourished: The Plant-Based Path to Health & Happiness
Nourished: The Plant-Based Path to Health & Happiness
Nourished: The Plant-Based Path to Health & Happiness

Nourished: The Plant-Based Path to Health & Happiness

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Pamela Wasabi makes her authorial debut with Nourished, an inspiring book about transformation and what it takes to embark on a life of health and happiness. Instead of instilling a doctrine, Pamela intends to arouse in her readers the desire to find balance, live in harmony with nature, and to understand oneself on a deeper level

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"Congratulations to Pamela on launching Nourished, It is always an honor to connect with similar pioneers in the plant-based community and I am especially proud of our alumni who are doing wonderful work to improve global health. Nourished explores the relationship between the foods we consume and the way we feel. This concept was instrumental in my transition to a fully plant-based diet and lifestyle. These topics inspire and challenge readers to become more conscious about their choices and ultimately support our main goal of reducing animal consumption around the world." Matthew Kenney, Plant-Based Celebrity Chef, Author

"Pamela Wasabi’s book, Nourished is a must-read for those who are struggling through health issues and pondering if a plant-based diet is suitable. Her clever use of foods and plants illustrating different stages of her journey are well crafted and an invaluable resource." 
Wok Star Eleanor Hoh, Cooking Teacher & Entrepreneur

"Pamela has fully committed to living the most holistic authentic lifestyle. She embodies everything she puts out into the universe. Her food and cooking is fueled not only with the best nutrition one could ask for but also enhanced with her passion and love for healing and honoring Mother Nature." 
Rachel Novetsky, Holistic Counselor, and Yoga Instructor

“I’m beyond excited as a part of the plant-based community to count with this new book full of information and wisdom from Plant-based Chef Pamela Wasabi. Pamela understands the spirit-body-fuel connection and the true healing power of plants.”
Valentina Cordero Plant-Based Pastry Chef Founder House of V

"Pamela not only has an enormous knowledge of plant-based cuisine, but she is also an amazing cook and shares a message that goes with every dish. The message of self-love, self-nourishing, self-awareness towards a better and conscious way of eating. Only through our own self-love and awareness we will heal ourselves, I trust Pamela for every dish to show me the amazing power that food has in our physical bodies and souls."
Mariana Cortez Founder / Owner Bunnie Cakes

“As an active member of Miami’s wellness community, I have had the pleasure to experience Pamela’s work several times, through attending her events, working with her, or simply by having a casual conversation about nourishment. With that said, I am thrilled to see some of her talent and knowledge is translated into a book. Nourished will change many lives!”
Veronica Menin Conscious Entrepreneur

“Nourished is one of those books that feels HOME the moment that you pick it up. Visually and verbally it acknowledges and inspires the creator in all of us to commune deeply with life via the food we consume and the way we consume it.”
Jenna Johnson Embodiment Coach and Creator of LooksGoodOnYouInc

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