How to Avoid Typical Vegan Baking Mistakes

How to Avoid Typical Vegan Baking Mistakes

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Vegan baking can be a little overwhelming for beginners. It is more of a science than an art, requiring you to swap the ingredients of traditional desserts with vegan alternatives. Moreover, ensuring a perfect balance between each component can be an arduous task, but as soon as you get a grip on it, you'll never look back! The best way to learn perfect vegan baking is by starting!

Hence, if you wish to make the fluffiest, tastiest, and moistest dairy and egg-free desserts, we have a list of tips to help you. Read on to know!

Dense result

Replacing eggs is one of the most significant questions of vegan baking, as is handling flour the right way. Some of the most common issues associated with these two are:

  • Over-mixing of the batter.
  • Not using the proper substitute for eggs.
  • Selecting the wrong oven temperature.
  • Using too much flour and not aerating and sifting it before baking.

However, you should consider using cake flour rather than plain all-purpose flour for cakes. It has lower amounts of protein than plain flour and is lighter, delicate, and softer. 

Over browning

Besides baking at a higher temperature, darker cake pans can also lead to excessive browning in your desserts as dark metals absorb more heat. Consider using baking strips as they help regulate the heating. You can also try covering the pan with a foil sheet while ensuring it does not touch the batter's surface.

Tunneling or holes

If you notice holes or air tunnels appearing in your cake post the baking process, over-mixing the batter could be the reason. This further restricts the flow of raising agents, causing them to push through the cake and create holes as it bakes. Therefore, you should stay extra gentle with your batter and only start mixing once everything is combined.

Extreme Dryness

Dry cakes or desserts can be due to two factors:

  • You are baking your cakes for an extended duration.
  • Your cake's batter contains an inadequate amount of moisture or fat.

Adding an appropriate amount of moisture and baking for a suitable duration can help you bake soft and mouth-watering desserts. 

Also, consider opting for neutral-flavored oils such as organic canola oil, sunflower oil, and extra virgin olive oil to prevent any unwanted flavoring in your dessert. 

Using the wrong egg replacer

Keep in mind that not every egg alternative works for each recipe. Hence, it is crucial to find the best alternative. Usually, a hit and trial approach works best when it comes to replacing eggs during vegan dessert-making process. You can also consult some established vegan bakers and cookbooks to find out the right alternatives for eggs.   

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