Earth Day Cooking Class with Pamela Wasabi

Earth Day Cooking Class with Pamela Wasabi

Tickets: here

Join us for a culinary adventure at this first of three cooking demos at The Wynwood Yard's Earth Day Festival on April 21st.

Food artist, cookbook author, and creator of cookies beloved by Miami, Pamela Wasabi teaches the plant-based class where she debuts her new GF pancake mix in the YardBox from 11 am to 12 pm on 4/21/18.

Learn how to make quick and simple recipes you can create at home, and how to approach "vegan substitute" ingredients. Get tips and tricks for recreating traditional recipes so that you can make them into your own plant-based recipes.

Pamela will demo, and sample (yum!):

Pancakes, with maple cashew cream, and berries

Quinoa tabbouleh with seasonal and local veggies

Creamy Avocado Bisque

This cooking class will be hosted on behalf of The Wynwood Yard as part of Earth Day at the Yard. The goal of this full-day event is to elevate consciousness, create awareness, and educate our community about green initiatives and how each person can reduce their carbon footprint and make a positive impact, locally and globally. Plant-based eating is part of living a greener life, personally and from a global perspective.

Learn, eat, enjoy!


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